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Arcadia Fire Station Santa Anita view, Goodale, civic architecture
Arcadia Fire Staton, apparatus room, Goodale Architecture Planning


CLIENT:  City of Arcadia

Design Partner


Architect of Record:

Gonzalez Goodale Architects

The principal functional challenge of this project was the length and narrowness of the site, in that the program required both a traditional 3-bay fire station and administrative/plan check offices for public use.


The design leverages the full length of the site to make a continuous urban statement of civic presence to Santa Anita Boulevard and Arcadia's long central park across the street, using basic proportions, cadence of structure and glazing, and focused copper trim to accent a very basic smooth finish plaster building.

Arcadia Fire Station, Entry, Goodale Architecture Planning, Civic Architecture
Arcadia Fire Station, Entry Detail, Goodale Architecture Planning, Public architecture
Arcadia Fire Station, Site Plan, David Goodale AIA, civic architecture
Arcadia Fire Station, Linear Floor Plan, David Goodale, Civic Planning, Public-spirited design
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