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Wood model viewed from Pasadena City Hall dome
Contextual civic architcture with all-glass north wall
architectural sketch in context of civic center




Design Director


Architect of Record:

Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Selected to design this building within Pasadena's revered Civic Center, this design and its presentation successfully navigated the City's  tortuous Commissions system and was fully entitled/permitted to build, just at the moment when utility de-regulation swept the nation.  The Department henceforth elected to lease residual space in commercial office buildings for the decades following.

While deferential of the Civic Center's Mediterranean Revival context and the material quality of its civic buildings, (employing such details as steel-framed windows and cast stone trim), the building also employed a locally pioneering statement of sustainability with an all glass and steel north facade, opening up the building to both glare-free daylighting and dramatic views of the proximate San Gabriel foothills.

Architectural sketch civic center historicist project with glasy top
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