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architectural studio daylit cross-section



CLIENT:  Gonzalez Goodale                         Architects

Design Partner


Architect of Record:

Gonzalez Goodale Architects


daylit architectural studio super-econmizer cycle with large A/C ducts
architectural studio display niches, library, spiral stair
architectural studio David Goodale AIA work library

The second renovation of the studios in a building designed by David Goodale, the focus of this intervention was two-fold:

-To achieve a more collaborative working environment by eliminating high-parititioned work stations, and by eliminating internal storefronts that had served as private offices for principals.  These were converted instead into conference, library, and research niches.

Collaboration was further enhanced by linking the main floor of the studio with the working mezzanine above with spiral stairs in 2 locations.

-To achieve enhanced sustainability -(the project received a LEED Gold for renovation).  Skylighting was introduced throughout the 2-story space to allow workable daylighting during normal business hours.  Air conditioning duct sizes were substantially increased to allow unit economizer cycles to work at much higher temperatures than usual, reducing yearly air conditioning loads.

The studio's conference room included a custom-built maple conference table and a weathered steel wall with magnets, allowing a circulating posting|critique of drawings.

boat-shaped maple conference design by David Goodale AIA
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