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Monrovia library park architecture night view Wright-influenced


CLIENT:  City of Monrovia

Design Partner


Architect of Record:

Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Children's library interior architecture with clerestory lighting red desk
Monrovia Library daylit, wood wall, cork floor circulation hall interior architecture

Sited in downtown Monrovia's Library Park, which successively housed two libraries, (one a long-lost original Carnegie Library), and a stand of trees that includes a pair of hundred-year old specimens, the new library was sited

to retain the park's rich, verdant character.  It also capitalizes on reading room views out to these oldest trees.

The architecture adopts the classical attitudes and planning discipline of its predecessors, and of Monrovia's downtown buildings, albeit in a relaxed, contemporary fashion.


The architecture's low-profile horizontality is underscored by extended planters at the building's base, and continuous light-collecting clerestories under its cantilevered roof lines.

Cork flooring at the central circulation hall and in the adult library achieves durability and acoustic performance.  

The combination of landscape preservation, renewable building materials and thorough-going daylighting all contributed to the building's LEED Silver rating.

Monrovia Library adult library reading area interior design cork floor
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