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campus design integrating architecture with pedestrian circulation
Mt Sac performing arts center lobby architecture
community college performing arts center brick, tile, white plaster
community college recital hall warm interior architecture







Design Director


Architect of Record:

Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Very much a topographic / landscape solution, this project was an opportunity to creatively consolidate work that Gonzalez Goodale Architects (then CHCG) had in progress at the Mt SAC campus. 


Engaged, successively, to do the Student Services Center, a major Master Plan Update, and the Performing Arts Center, the group of projects together allowed a truly integrated environment, weaving a family of buildings, campus circulation, landscape, and master planning.

Conceived (in great part due to economies of construction) as an indoor / outdoor village, with a minimum of internal public circulation, the Performing Arts Center - in its relation to parking and student movement - proved an opportunity to directly expose many general education students on campus to the activities of the performing arts students.  

Specifically, the music venue split from the performing/dance venues, thus framing a north / south dramatically ascending, landscaped axis into the campus from the southerly student parking.

At the same time, a new east|west landscaped mall provided the opportunity to formally link the new sister buildings designed by the studio - the Performing Arts Center and the campus' central Student Services Center.

Like its sister building - and the original campus buildings, the Performing Arts Center combines brick and cast stone, with the addition of a contrasting tile to mark the three major performance venues.

Consonant with community college funding, interior finishes were basic, with extensive exposed structure and building services overhead.

community college economical small theatre architecture with side box seats
community college choral room white interior design
community college performing arts center circulation-integrated site plan
round theatre with box seats, architectural plan and section
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