CLIENT:  City of Pasadena

Design Partner 


Architect of Record:

Gonzalez Goodale Architects

A rough, utilitarian building, supporting the field operations, the PWP and the City nonetheless charged it with serving as a public demonstration of sustainability.  


The building achieved a LEED Gold rating through such initiatives as double-height work spaces lit by an all-glass north wall; layered screening of remaining facades and windows with perforated metal panels; and raw locally-sourced materials.

A steel braced-frame and base-isolation foundation system assured the building's performance as an Essential Facility|Emergency Operations Center, and anchored the building's aesthetic. 


North all-glass wall, braced frame, night view
Contemporary infrastructure architecture
Minimalist daylit lobby, inteior architecture
LEED Gold building aerial viw
Braced frame interior architecture, daylit space
Modernist steel and glass night view