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Modernist steel and glass night view
North all-glass wall, braced frame, night view
Contemporary infrastructure architecture




CLIENT:  City of Pasadena

Design Partner 


Architect of Record:

Gonzalez Goodale Architects

A rough, utilitarian building, supporting the field operations, the PWP and the City nonetheless charged it with serving as a public demonstration of sustainability.  


The building achieved a LEED Gold rating through such initiatives as double-height work spaces lit by an all-glass north wall; layered screening of remaining facades and windows with perforated metal panels; and raw locally-sourced materials.

A steel braced-frame and base-isolation foundation system assured the building's performance as an Essential Facility|Emergency Operations Center, and anchored the building's aesthetic. 


LEED Gold building aerial viw
Braced frame interior architecture, daylit space
Minimalist daylit lobby, inteior architecture
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