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Client:  County of Los Angeles

Design Partner


Architect of Record:

Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Project Designer:

Chung Chan

Notable about this full-scope project were the programming phase community meetings, which were highly populated by widely diverse users of the existing Pathfinder Park.  This programming phase thus required both appropriate graphic instruments and mediating leadership in the development of community consensus.

The resultant building is rich with multi-purpose spaces that allow great variety in size and types of use, including banquet, performance, dance, art, aerobics | yoga | tai chi, music and small and large meeting.

The architecture - which, like the constituents, is expressively diverse in its materiality - responds formally to acute / triangular site boundaries.  

comunity center architecture channel glass
community center main arrival architecture
Colorful contemporary community center architecture
Community Cente courtyard public art
community center indoor-outdoor multipurpose architecture
community center linear architecture
Community Center indoor-outdoor architecture folding walls
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