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Simi Valley senior center architecture with motor court
senior center architecture with circular trellis
circular senior center architecture addition


CLIENT:  City of Simi Valley

Design Partner


Architect of Record:

Gonzalez Goodale Architects

This was the studio's second addition to the original Senior Center.  Where the original was dedicated to attentive day care of the elderly, the new addition's charge was to appeal to a younger, more mobile cohort.  Its program included a new entry / motor court, a new sun room / lounge, and additional classrooms and offices.


The simple circular plan radiated from a top-day-lit sun room that encouraged both socio-fugal and socio-petal activities, including casual reading, study, gaming, and conversation.

In the relatively hostile and glare-intense environment of Simi Valley, the perimeter of the building is well-shaded by trellises, lattices and semi-private courtyards, each of which serves as an extension of a classroom or activity room.

senior center reading lounge with circular skylight monitor
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