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Role in asterisked projects*:  Co-Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Role in double-asterisked projects**:  Principal / Design Partner for Goodale Architecture Planning

Role in all other projects indicated:  Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

MIXED USE PASADENA Goodale Architecture Planning
Norwood workforce housing LAUSD Goodale Architecture
Paseo Colorado mixed-use housing hotel retail David Goodale Architect
Pasadena contemporary courtyard housing David Goodale Architect
Vancouver Missing Middle Housing Competition 3rd Award Goodale Architecture
Transit-oriented devlopment dense mixed-use housing Goodale Architecture
Pasadena Vinedo courtyard housing Goodale Architecture Planning
South Pasadena downtown mixed use concept study
Flemings Restaurant Old Pasadena Goodale Architecture Plannin
Path Housing study high rise supportive housing David Goodale
David Goodale Architect Entitlement Review Study Pasadena
Sisters of Social Service Encino Goodale Architecture
David Goodale Architect Entitlement Review Study Pasadena
Leisure Care Senior Independent Living Westlake Village Goodale Architect
David Goodale Architect Entitlement Review Study Pasadena
Palo Verde supportive housing Goodale
Union Station Family Shelter Dining Hall David Goodale Architect

Col.  1: Fair Oaks/Green Mixed Use; Norwood Workforce Housing*; Paseo Mixed Use*

Col. 2: Altadena/Mohawk Apartments*; Vancouver Missing Middle Competition (2)**; Sisters Social Service Retreat

Col. 3: Walnut/Allen TOD*; Vinedo Apartments* (2); Leisure Care Westlake Village

Col. 4: South Pasadena Mixed Use; Flemings Pasadena; Marriott Pasadena; Palo Verde Supportive Housing*

Col. 5: Path Supportive Housing*; Union Station Family Shelter



While this studio is intent on realizing full-service residential and mixed-use projects of all types and scales, (see projects, opp), smaller studies can often make big impacts; can lead to making larger projects credible; and can establish a working relationship between developer and architect.  

Las Tunas Boulevard Streetscape Improvements, Downtown Temple City, Phased Improvement Concept

Role:  Design Partner | Principal in Charge for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Entitlement Study Goodale Architecture Planning

Role:  Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects


Prior to embarking on a project, with its comcomitant investment of resources, it is useful that client and architect develop a comprehensive understanding of entitlement constraints and obstacles to a project's development - zoning and building codes, governing commissions, local design guidelines, stakeholders, utilities, and existing conditions on (and below) the ground.  Through these entitlement reviews, client and architect are prepared to explore the physical potentials of a site while being responsive to as many codified and/or obviously-political requirements as possible.

Role:  Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Housng Capacity Study Goodale Architecture Planning

Combined in a single pre-design phase, Entitlement Review and Capacity Studies are an intensive but affordable way to explore a project's potentials without deep initial commitments on the part of either client or architect.  At best, they result in a shared vision for the project that can form the basis of an inspired working relationship.


In tandem with promising entitlement research, it's prudent to initiate capacity studies.  In the most prosaic terms, the capacity study shows what will fit on the site, addressing entitlements, meeting program, and projecting a formal architectural vision.

Avery Dennison Adaptive Re-use study office to hotel David Goodale Architecture
Plaza Mexico public private benefit master plan TOD study


Additional abbreviated preliminary studies that this studio offers, in conjunction with entitlement reviews, include development of facility space programs, and conceptual testing of more programmatically complex projects, such as adaptive re-use of existing facilities and mixed-use commercial master plans.   With a background in strong background in civic projects, the studio brings an understanding of urban planning, infrastructure, and strategies that best enhance both the development and the public life surrounding it

Role:  Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

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