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Columbia Middle School Gym Goodale Architecture
Mt SAC Community College Student Services Goodale Architecture

David Goodale role in projects indicated:  Design Director | Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Mt SAC Community College Recital Hall Goodale Architecture
Caltech Millikan Hall office renovation Goodale Architecture
Caltech Student Center Goodale Architecture Planning
LA Valley Community College Arts renovations Goodale Architecture
Robert F Kennedy Schools Goodale Architecture
Robert F Kennedy Cocoanut Grove Auditorium Goodale Architecture Planning
Rosemead High School New Classroom Goodale Architecture
University of La Verne Campus Center David Goodale Architect
Glassell Park Early Education Center David Goodale Architect
Ventura Community College track, field, bleachers David Goodale architect
Urban Discovery Academy San Diego David Goodale Architect
West Valley College Student Services David Goodale Architect
Arroyo High School Classroom David Goodale Architect

Caltech Student Center, Caltech Millikan Hall, Mt SAC Student Services, Mt SAC Performing Arts Center, Columbia Middle School,

LA Valley College Arts Modernization, Robert F Kennedy Schools (2), Rosemead High School, University of La Verne Student Center,

Glassell Park EEC, Ventura Community College Field, Urban Discovery Academy, West Valley College Student Services, Arroyo High School


This studio brings an established history and commitment to high quality built work for educational facilities.   We also understand that all educational projects begin with dreaming, exploring, and, at a larger scale, master planning, before architecture can be commenced.  Early studies and collaborative planning can test ideas, reveal unforeseen opportunities, and can establish a working relationship between school or school district staff and architect.  

Role:  Design Partner | Principal in Charge for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

San Diego Innovations Academy site capacity study

San Diego Innovations Academy, Testing of Prospective Site for Program Fit

Role:  Design Partner | Principal in Charge for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

La Salle High School concept study sketches David Goodale Architecture

La Salle High School, Pasadena, Preliminary Studies to Master Plan and Conditional Use Permit



Public, charter, and private schools may, on occasion, benefit not only from formal Master Plans, but also from informal capacity studies that conceptually indicate the best deployment of a facilities space program within a delimited context.

These studies, if proving a project feasible, also generally provide alternative paths that may have different educational, budget, or entitlement ramifications.  Viewing a range of quick, (but accurately-scaled), alternative sketch studies comparatively allows wise decision-making.

With an experienced hand, these studies can be done roughly and economically, while still telling the necessary story of a given option. 

In the case of non-DSA charter and private schools, whether complying with existing entitlements or seeking a Conditional Use Permit, it is also advisable to carefully review and document entitlement constraints, (such as use, setbacks, density/height limits, and the full range of zoning and building code passages relevant to the specifics of the project).

Role:  Design Partner | Principal in Charge for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

La Salle High School concept study sketches David Goodale Architecture

LAUSD National Open Competition First Award, Flexible Academic Complex


There are positive pressures across the spectrum to reform both the way students are taught and the designed context in which they are taught.  In an nationally design competition sponsored by LAUSD for a Flexible Academic Complex, I led the design of the 1st Place Award entry while Design Principal at Gonzalez Goodale Architects. 


The project expanded awareness of design for future  re-configuration across a range of pedagogical options - providing flexibility to teachers, students, and educational administrators.

Role:  Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

La Salle High School Master Plan Site Plan
La Salle High School Master Plan Site Model David Goodale Architect

La Salle High School, Pasadena, Master Plan Exhibits


While every institution is different, generating appropriately different guiding principles for the implementation of planning and design, each will benefit from a comprehensive facilities master plan that considers and documents impacts such as optimal institutional function, asset management, traffic and parking management, treatment of community resources, landscape, noise generation, neighboring views, safety, light pollution, aesthetics-in-context, and a likely host of unique site-specific considerations.

In the case of private and charter institutions, this master plan will be a pre-condition of development or re-development.  In this case, its orchestration with the surrounding community and with the various commissions of local governance requires not only planning and design and skills, but also strategic, sensitive skills in  listening and civility.  

The principal of this studio brings a strong history of personal engagement in this process, and a personal commitment to client representation at public meetings.  References from both public staff and client/owners, attesting to both preparation and performance, will be provided on request.

Role:  Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Pasadena Blair High School Phasing Plan David Goodale Architecture

Blair High School, Pasadena, Phasing proposal


Resources or demolition and construction logistics often dictate that a master plan be implemented in phases.  While the very first concepts of a master plan should ideally establish the optimum 'blue-sky' condition of a site upon completion; good master plans will envision the constraints and opportunities that are provided over the entire time of development.  Ultimately, separate phases of demolition and construction activity need to be clearly articulated (and estimated) - both for institutional due diligence and to provide clarity of intention to the community.  

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