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Civic Center Westlake Village Goodale Architecture
Pasadena Water Power Goodale Architecture
Cal Tech Fire Station Goodale Arcitecture
Senior Center Simi Valley Goodale

David Goodale role in projects indicated:  Design Director | Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

City Hall Culver City Goodale
Monrovia Library Park Gooale Architectue
Aradia Fire Station Goodale Architecture
Community Center Rowland Heights Goodale Architecture
Interior Downtown Mental Health Goodale
Community and Senior Center Rowland Heights

Westlake Village Civic Center, Pasadena Water and Power Ops, Cal Tech Fire Station, Simi Valley Senior Center, Culver City City Hall, Monrovia Main Library, Arcadia Fire Station, Rowland Heights Community Center, Downtown Mental Health, Diamond Bar Community Center


While this studio is intent on full-service civic projects of all types and scales, (see built work, opp), smaller studies can often make big impacts; can lead to making larger projects credible; and can establish a working relationship between city staff and architect.  

Civic Improvements by increments 1
Civic Improvements by increments 2

Role:  Design Partner | Principal in Charge for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Civic Improvements by increments 3
Civic Improvements by increments 4


Realistically visualizing concepts for civic improvements, (e.g. changes to streetscape, density, etc.), can help bring an initial comfort level to a skeptical city council / citizenry.   Change can be made the more palatable if it is approached in phases - with detailed budgets assigned to each phase.  The demonstrable outcome is that designed civic change can show value for investment, and will bring an obvious, dramatic benefit to the city's daily public life

Las Tunas Boulevard Streetscape Improvements, Downtown Temple City, Phased Improvement Concept

Role:  Design Partner | Principal in Charge for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Adaptive Re-use Study Pasadena Water Power


When considering re-location of civic functions - whether in available city space or in leased space - the due diligence of a preliminary conceptual study can help determine or insure feasibility without the costs|risks of a full-service design commitment.  Optimally, this kind of study provides a preview of entitlement challenges, the condition of building systems, and the fit of program within the target facility's geometry.

Pasadena Water and Power, Relocation Capacity Study

Role:  Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Concept Study Nature Center Goodale Architecture


Occasionally, an abbreviated concept design for a civic project may be required to unlock further support or funding, (for example, in recent years, conceptual proposals made to the State for library and nature center funding).  With close collaboration and a disciplined work plan, these proposals can be both expeditiously implemented and compelling in their content.

Concept Study for State Nature Center Bond, Rancho Palos Verdes

Role:  Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Plaza Mexico Sketch public-private benefit Goodale Architecture


Under-utilized or inefficient city sites, (e.g. vacant lots, surface parking lots, over-sized rights-of-way), can, with vision, dramatically improve the quality of a city's residential, commercial, and public life.  Exploring and re-visioning 

wasteful or unsightly existing civic conditions, without exclusive public or private pre-conceptions, can motivate civic dialogue and improvement. 

Concept Master Plan Expansion, Plaza Mexico, Lynwood | Cal Trans

Role:  Design Partner for Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Plaza Mexico Sketch public-private benefit Goodale Architecture

Brea Council Chamber Refurbishment / Accessibility 

Plaza Mexico Sketch public-private benefit Goodale Architecture

Culver City New Flooring Design / Installation


Sometimes, even minor refurbishments of civic facilities are worth doing with professional consultation.  Whether it's the selection/specification of new flooring, or the refurbishment of a major space, a modest improvement to a civic environment can address, in one stroke:  accessibility, maintenance, security, technology, and aesthetic freshness in ways that provide obvious value and positive civic identity to citizens. 

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